What we do


We guide you to strength, balance and integration

Personal training

The 1-on-1 attention of a dedicated trainer can help you accelerate your physical fitness gains

Semi-Private Training

Experience the fun, camaraderie and motivation of working out in a group environment

Meal Plans

Get on top of your diet with our calorie-controlled, dietician-designed meal plans.

Home Programs

Get an exercise program to do at home. Comes with video demonstrations and instructive text.


The steps to a new chapter


Coaching Strategy

Delivered in person or online, this session has two components. The first, the Fitness Consultation, provides an opportunity to meet Adam and discuss your goals, your injury and exercise history and your current exercise, sleeping and dietary patterns. In the second component, the Strategy, we use the information gained from the fitness consultation to develop a strategy to help you achieve and maintain your goals.


Program Design & Membership

Following the Coaching Strategy session, you will receive your bespoke Program Design and accompanying notes taken during the initial session. You will then be invited to select a membership type appropriate to your objectives.  Now is also the time to consider if you would like to receive any support from our panel of Specialist Providers.


Embark upon your own Hero's Journey

Now we have got to know you and your fitness, health and lifestyle objectives, it’s time to schedule your training into your calendar. Taking into consideration your home and work commitments, we will create the most convenient training plan for you. This will involve establishing both times and locations for personal training or a class structure for the semi-private training sessions. You will also get the chance to acquire new fitness gear through our Rewards Program, and you will receive a Welcome Pack.

Sacred Experience Summer Kickstart

Get a feel for Sacred Experience, with our 28 Day Summer Kickstart Offer. This no-obligation four-week trial will enable you to make a start on your Hero’s journey and take immediate action on your health and fitness.

Your questions answered

Contact Adam via this site, or phone or email him to arrange a chat. Based on your availability we will then schedule in a Coaching Strategy session in which we will create a plan, or ‘Hero’s Journey’, to help you achieve your goals. We will also ascertain which type of membership will suit you best. For some people, Personal Training or one-on-one coaching is the best option, while others may prefer the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Semi-Private Training.

Following your Coaching Strategy session, you will be sent a link via email to activate your membership. This will set you up with a weekly direct debit subscription, which enables you to book in for sessions and start training. Take a few moments at this stage to familiarise yourself with the Sacred Experience Manual and our Terms and Conditions.

Memberships can be suspended for a period of time or session fees can be refunded if you are sick or going to be away. If you are looking to cancel your membership, you will need to provide advance notice and book in for an exit interview before leaving in order to avoid incurring a dishonorable exit fee. Apart from that there are no lock-in contracts, start up fees or exit fees. We kindly ask members to please follow our procedures in relation to cancellations and suspensions of memberships.


Kind words from our members