Strength in mind and body

A cutting-edge fitness community empowering members to enhance every aspect of their health and well-being, through the provision of personal training, semi-private training and coaching solutions.


A complete approach to your wellness

Sacred Experience is a Canberra-based fitness business. Since its inception in 2018, founder Adam van Apeldoorn has drawn upon his diverse coaching, psychology and fitness qualifications to help clients overcome the various challenges they face living in the modern world. Unlike other gyms and personal trainers, we offer a more holistic approach to wellness, focusing on psychological, emotional and physical evolution. We look forward to welcoming you into our inclusive, supportive community.

We can help you achieve:

Why choose Sacred Experience?

If you want to go beyond the physical and enhance the totality of your health, we have the skills, experience and understanding to help you do so.


Access our panel of specialist providers as part of your membership, and benefit from expert advice.


Your wellbeing and aspirations are our absolute priority. We strive for everything we do to be in your very best interests.


Our proven approach is backed by extensive qualifications and life experience. We know a few things about what works!


Our supportive and inclusive community is free from judgement and welcomes a wonderfully diverse group of members.


We guide you to strength, balance and integration

Personal training

The 1-on-1 attention of a dedicated trainer can help you accelerate your physical fitness gains

Semi-Private Training

Experience the fun, camaraderie and motivation of working out in a group environment

Meal Plans

Get on top of your diet with our calorie-controlled, dietician-designed meal plans

Home Programs

Get an exercise program to do at home. Comes with video demonstrations and instructive text.

Sacred Experience Summer Kickstart

Get a feel for Sacred Experience, with our 28 Day Summer Kickstart Offer. This no-obligation four-week trial will enable you to make a start on your Hero’s journey and take immediate action on your health and fitness.


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