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Sacred Experience is a Canberra-based fitness business. Since its inception in 2018, founder Adam van Apeldoorn has drawn upon his diverse coaching, psychology and fitness qualifications to help clients overcome the various challenges they face living in the modern world. Unlike other gyms and personal trainers, we offer a more holistic approach to wellness, focusing on psychological, emotional and spiritual, as well as physical, evolution. We look forward to welcoming you into our inclusive, supportive community.


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Adam van Apeldoorn

As a qualified personal trainer who also holds masters degrees in both Coaching and Organisational Psychology, Adam is far from your regular trainer!

In addition to these qualifications, he has undertaken 15 years of study in the fields of spirituality and mysticism, and has written a masters thesis on happiness, enlightenment and self-actualisation. Adam also has a professional background working in human resources and in learning and development in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Through these diverse learnings, Adam is able to facilitate and engineer holistic training experiences that are different from the norm. Adam seeks to empower clients to not only surpass their fitness and well-being goals, but to find greater balance and peace within and to transform their lives.


Rochelle Lyndzey "Jazz" Surban

Jazz is a licensed Electrical Engineer who graduated from the University of Southeastern Philippines. She has worked in a variety of areas, from managing operation in a cellular site, maintaining electrical works, estimates and costings, down to material procurement.

A corporate dropout turned digital nomad, Jazz felt the need to perform various tasks for her clients including, website development, creating landing pages, online course management, setting up email nurtures and integrating tools, which she enjoys doing the most.

Honored to be part of Adam’s team who work together to build harmony, balance and perfection in his clients’ life.



John Bailey

After performing a variety of different roles in trades and construction, John has come to Sacred Experience as a qualified personal trainer having now found his true niche and calling in life.

John specialises in bodybuilding for injury prevention and injury management, and focuses on developing functional movement patterns for his clients.


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Our panel of specialist providers are here to help you with complex problems or to help you get that extra performance edge.

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